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How it Began

The Shire was first brought on line in early 1984 on a Tandy 1000sx (yep an 8088 4.77mhz with 256k of ram) and a 2400 baud modem. The Shire started out as place for ultra geeks in the telecommunication world to duke it out over various topics. Pretty much it was by invitation only. In 1985 I became the President of the MS-DOS users SIG of the Mountain View Users Group and opened the board to all members and then to the general public. By the end of '85 the Shire was on the Fido Net and I was an NC for Southern Arizona. this required that I upgrade to a 9600 baud USR HST modem :-} (Let me tell you, in 1985 that was really hot stuff). In 1986 I added UUCP E-Mail to the internet.  In 1989, the Shire relocated to Phoenix (with me in tow...). It was upgraded to a '386 and demoted to being just a plain old Fido Node.... around 1991 it gained a pair of V.32bis modems and a new BBS package known as Excaliber. With this change I somehow found myself being the International Coordinator for ExNet. Then in 1992 Jim Graham found his way into The Shire looking a little lost and in need of Immediate adoption. Well from there we built The Shire to a non-profitable 300 user system and shut it down in 1993 due to lack of funds.  We changed the name to and installed dedicated ISDN in 1993.  In 1994 Hobbiton moved to Virginia.   In late 1995 we installed  a dedicated T-1.  In March of 2002 it moved again to upstate NY on a cable modem.

11/02/02:  update--  Hobbiton has moved one more time, I have finally broken down and setup a web hosting account with another company.

12/01/03 --  Hobbiton has landed in Florida and it's new home in SurityNet (our own ISP).  Moved everything back to it's own internal hosting.

06/01/07 -- Hobbiton mail has gone to over 5000 pieces of spam a day.  I just realized that it is now over 22 years old on the internet!

01/01/2010 -- Hobbiton has moved again..  it is now hosted on a webhosting service as that SurityNet met its demise.  While moving it also got a face lift...

1/1/2011.. Moving Again :-}  New web host....... New Look

07/2011  On the road again...  Now in Arkansas

12/21/2015 --  Switching hosting service and gaining a new facelift


About Me

This Site is not affiliated with any movie, book etc. that may represent hobbits.
The Shire and Hobbiton are so named for their creator who looks like a hobbit.